Friday, September 7, 2012

Marry Me: Carlee and Bryan {Seattle Wedding Photography}

Carlee and Bryan had a themed wedding.  The theme was WOW!!!  The venue, the flowers, the food, the dresses, the wedding coordinator, the Seattle adventures, and for sure, the bride and groom...everything was just WOW!!  

I know I say this for most weddings, but really...go grab a cup of coffee and enjoy these many images from an amazing day!!

{Special thanks to my second shooter:  Janelle Zeller
and wedding coordinators from Wonderful Life Event
and the great staff from the Four Seasons Hotel in Seattle}

Getting ready....

Don't you ever wonder where the bride wears her "something blue"?  

I think there were about a million buttons on Carlee's fabulous dress, so each of the bridesmaids took turns buttoning up her fair share.  While they were waiting, they turned into little girls spinning around in their beautiful dresses!!

The First Look.... 

{The crowd watching the first look!!}

We headed out on the streets of Seattle for some fun at downtown landmarks.  Can you name them??

Top:  gum
Middle:  bubbles
Bottom:  don't tell our moms that we're playing with our gum!

Not a very wedding-ish picture, but we had to hike these stairs that went up and up FOREVER!!  Carlee climbed them in her heels and Bryan in his suit, so the moment needed to be memorialized in picture!


These sweet things were waiting for us when we returned from our Seattle adventure.

The Ceremony....

We headed up on the rooftop for a little fresh air and a few more pictures before the party started.

Maybe you've heard it said "it's all in the details"...well, there was no detail spared here.  Everything from flowers to party favors to chairs to place settings were amazing!!

First Dance...

Hora dance....not sure Bryan felt totally secure in that chair.  
(Perhaps he knew the people holding on to it??)

There are so many other great, fun images from the evening, but I think I may have reached my storage limit!!  :)  Congratulations, Carlee and Bryan!!  I wish you all the best in your life together!!

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Janelle said...

Yea!!! Not sure why I didn't see this till now!! The images are absolutely stunning, Tara!! I LOVED being a part of this wedding with you!! Beautiful work!!!