Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oh Boys!! {Burien Family Photography}

I photographed the O Family the other day and all I can say is if I could harness the energy of young boys, we'd never have an energy crisis and I'd be a millionaire!!  So we did a lot of moving and playing...and captured the following...

An old washed up boat makes a great place for little boys to play.  I think the picture on the left is a pirate face!!

I love the the families who like to play together!!

We headed into their basement for the last few minutes of play...

(Ahhh...brotherly love!!)

Mom is fully loved by all her boys!!

Thanks O Family!!  It was great to hang out with you the other day!! I hope your trip to White Cap was equally as fun...and delicious!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Marry Me: Ceci and Waylon {Poulsbo Wedding Photography}

Ceci and Waylon got married last weekend!!  

It was supposed to pour down rain, but Someone up above must like them, because, though the clouds danced around us, they did open up and let the sun peak through a little...and only slight sprinkles of rain!!  I believe it was a wedding gift!!


I am pretty sure I squealed when I saw Ceci's red shoes.  I LOVED them!!

The first look....

(the audience!!)

Ceci and Waylon together....

(Look!!  I told you the sun came out!!)

Ceremony and reception took place at the amazing Kiana Lodge.  

The ceremony... 

Evidently, it was so exciting that the wedding party couldn't help but DANCE!!

The reception....

For the father-daughter dance, Ceci and her dad did a fun polka!!

Waylon honored his mom by inviting everyone to dance to Abba's Dancing Queen in her remembrance.

Thanks Ceci and Waylon!  It was a privilege to photograph your wedding!!