Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kiss Me: Stacy and Pat {Kenmore Engagement Photography}

I got to photograph Stacy and Pat the other day!!  

They are true Northwest people...they love camping (I bet they even camp while it's raining!!) and that is where they met.  Pat sliced his thumb open on a camping trip and Stacy was the one who took him to the emergency room.  She loves that scar!!!

It all started with a flower.  She thought she was being handed it, but he decided it looked best in her hair.  Then....she returned the favor!!

And in case you didn't notice...they adore one another!

We ended our time at a local coffee shop.  I couldn't resist taking one more....

Stacy and Pat, I had a great time with you!  Can't wait for your wedding next October!!

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