Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let's Play: The S Family {Tacoma Family Photography}

Lately, I've been reminding people that photography isn't always about getting that "perfect" picture.   It is about capturing the part of the story we are all living in...right here, right now.  
And for families...someday your kids will be old enough that everyone will sit nicely for a distinguished portrait, but for now, we get movement, giggles, and true works of art!!

Oh...I LOVE families who will play with me!!  

{Wouldn't we all like to know what he said to her???}

Who is better Superman than dad??

Proof that no one is too old to have fun with what is right in front of them...or behind them!!

A little dance party....

And the finale of a cup of coffee!!

Thanks S Family!!  You ROCK!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Monster {Bothell Newborn Photography}

They call him their "little monster"...not because he is horrible (in fact, he is just the opposite), but because he was born on Halloween!  Welcome baby, Griffin, who, for a monster is just pretty darn cute!!

Griffin's mom and dad were the first bride and groom I photographed in Seattle.  It was such an honor to capture this next piece in their story as a family.

This Little Monster's mom had a necklace made with a message for her son....

OK...I couldn't resist.  You know you are a new dad when this is what your back pocket looks like!!

Thank you M Family!!!  What joy to meet your amazing, handsome little guy!! 
 Enjoy every minute of  new parenthood!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let's Play: The B Family {Tacoma Family Photography}

These guys are troopers!!  The weather was not super cooperative, but they braved through the session...all with smiles on their faces!!  Meet the B Family...

Can you tell how old this big brother is??  Love those faces!!!

And then there is this bundle of sweetness!  She was full of smiles and giggles all the way through the session...even as it got colder and rainy!!

Family kisses....

And these two started it all!!

Thanks B Family!!  It was wonderful being with you all!  I hope you all got a big cup of hot chocolate afterward!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Little Ones: Claire {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

Babies really are such a great way to start people!!

This one is born to a family I have had the privilege of photographing a handful of times over the past 2 years.  (The last time was here).  Now there is a new addition to the family...

Meet little Miss Claire....

{I think she looks like she is all ready for Christmas!!}

Of course, no session would be complete without Big Brother!!

Oh yeah...and mom!

Miss Claire, you are beautiful!  May you always know that.  
You are so fully loved, and may you always know that too!!

Thanks S Family for inviting me once more into your lives and letting me tell another piece of your story!!