Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Breathe {inspiration for Wednesdays}

I love roller coasters!!  I love the slow, methodical climb to the apex of the ride.  I love that one moment of pause before the descent and craziness begins.  I love the feel of my face being scrunched up as the blast of air hits it and my hands white knuckled gripping onto any bar in front of me.  I love the rush, the twists, the inversions and the dips.  I love roller coasters!

I know not everyone feels this way.  A few years ago, Luc (my son) and I were at a local amusement park and I watched the trepidation in his eyes as he peered up at THE WILD THING.  I knew he wanted to go on it, but deep down wasn't sure he was willing to risk it.  He was scared - plain and simple.

He and I had talked about riding The Wild Thing on the way to the park.  We talked about his fear and his desire to go on it, and I told him he needed to do it.  I would go with him.  All that sounded great in the safety of the car, but standing in line for THE WILD THING, getting a few steps closer every minute, well.....all of his fears surfaced and stalked him.

By the time we were ascending the stairs to the platform, he flat-out looked at me and said he didn't want to do it.  I could see the growing panic in his face and felt the clamy feel of fear on his hands.  What I did next may have looked like bad parenting to an outsider, but I know him and love him and in this instance knew what was best for him.

I didn't let him back out.  I told him he needed to ride THE WILD THING at least once.  I let him remain in his fear with every step but also asked him to trust me in it.  I asked him to believe that I had his best interests in mind and had already gone before him - experiencing many roller coasters already.  I asked him not to give in to his risk...and to trust me.

And guess what?  Luc now loves roller coasters!!  I think he runs to them faster than I do!  He has entered into the thrill, the exhilaration, the fun and yes...maybe sometimes a bit of fear.  All because he was willing to listen to and trust me.  I am so glad he did.  It makes my joy multiply exponentially when we get to enjoy a roller coaster together!

I tell this story because I think life with God is often like this.  We look at a daunting task or calling before us and fear can threaten to consume us.  We might beg and plead with Him to not have to do travel the road that lies before us, but He just smiles and makes us stay the course.  He asks us to trust Him more than trusting in our fear.

It is my belief we are all called to a life of trust.  The great thing is, God knows best and has gone before us.  Many times, as we follow Him, we end up enjoying the ride we were once afraid of!

May God call us all out of our fearful places to take an adventure with Him.  And may we all be risky enough to trust Him even in our fear.  (Who knows, maybe someday we'll be considered THE WILD THING!)

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Erin McFarland said...

oh Tara this spoke to my heart :). I prayed for a word like you have been doing the beginning of each year and guess what the Lord gave me. Overcome. Not sure what He has in store this year, but I plan on keeping that in mind. To overcome.