Friday, February 8, 2013

Breathe {better late than never!}

We've finished our first "More and Less" challenge and I think we did pretty well.  We all definitely moved more as a family...and we like the results of that!!  I have been waking my elliptical trainer up before the sun rise and doing sun salutes to...well, to the early morning darkness!  We have also been reading more as a family.  In addition to a handful of books I've finished (I highly recommend The Hobbit, people), we have been trying to read the book of Psalms each month as a family.  Each night we gather and read 5 psalms.  (We pick the date - for instance the 8th of February - and start with that psalm then add 30 until we've read 5.  So tonight we'll read 8, 38, 68, 98, and 128.)

All that being said, we are ready for a new challenge.  Our new words are:

For the next month or so, we want to Pray More and Spend Less.  Not totally sure what it will all look like to live with our "more or less", but I do know both are needed in our lives.  I'll keep you posted!!

Breathe, smile and go slowly...(and pray more and spend less!!)

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