Friday, March 1, 2013

Double the Fun {Tacoma Baby Photography}

I told you there were lots of babies lately!!  I got to photograph these two lovely ladies the other day.  I was nervous about photographing twins, but let me say that they were exceptional!!  Stayed asleep most of the session and let us move them anywhere we wanted for maximum cuteness!

This brings new meaning to the phrase, "you've got your hands full"!!  

Miss M and Miss E woke up for a few moments and had their {first photographed} round of sibling rough housing.  Of course, mom knows all about the moving and pushing and squishing episodes from before they were born!!

Don't worry, mom....we got a "nice" one, but I just thought this is REAL life...two babies and a big you never know what you are going to get in pictures!!  (Because they have you out numbered!!)

Oh sweet, sweet girls!!  Hold on to each other.  How lucky you are to be born with your best friend!!

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