Friday, March 29, 2013

Kiss Me: Brooke and Steve {Bellevue Wedding Photography}

I have worked with this beautiful girl on a few weddings, as she and her mom are AMAZING wedding coordinators, so I was totally honored when she asked me to photograph her wedding!!  Though it won't be until October, thought I'd give you a sneak peek of this wonderful couple at their engagement session...

For those of you who live in the state of Washington, are seeing correctly.  That is a Cougar kissing a Husky.  Truly they will be a house divided, but they have looked past this massive gulf that separates them, and have found true love!  Kind of like Romeo and Juliet, right?  Romeo and Juliet who like (and play) baseball!!

Doesn't it give you hope for world peace when University of Washington and Washington State University can come together??

Brooke and Steve were fun to photograph and were willing to be playful with each other.  Of course, their love for one another just spills over in each image!

Thanks you two!!  I had a great time with you!  I cannot wait for October!!

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