Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Living Light {Breathe}

I don't know about you, but when I am headed to the doctor, and I know they are going to weigh me (when do they NOT??), I like to give myself the best chance possible at the smallest number possible.  I wear my lightest workout pants, lightest shirt and, of course, I take off my shoes, jacket and purse before stepping onto that scale.  (You do know that those items probably add 10 plus pounds, right??)

Getting rid of the things that weigh me down is satisfying when that number reads closer to what I want it to be (says the girl who is having her mid-morning snack right now!).  But in all honesty, letting go of the weight makes it easier to live more freely and move more lightly.

I guess I am in one of those phases in my life right now.  Yesterday I watched a truck drive away with 99% of my worldly possessions in it.  My family and I are moving to the Denver area soon, but need to wait until school gets out.  In the meantime, we sold our house and needed to get all of our STUFF out and put somewhere.  We opted to load up the moving van and have it shipped (and stored) for a month until we get there.  What that made us do is really pare down and think about what we REALLY need to live for the next five or six weeks.

Here is what my closet looks like:

Crazy!  That is the only clothing I have right now.  And you know what?  It is enough.  In fact, I am finding it might be even more than I need!  It leaves me with less options, which leaves me more decisive, which leaves me so much more content with life.  Living lighter in a very pragmatic sense does wonders for my soul!!  Not even having the choice for clutter has left me with space to move freely (and the ability to say "no" to STUFF).

So why don't I always live this way?  Why do I let the want of more things crowd out this sense of well being of living lighter?  Why do I still have an inner compulsive hoarder somewhere in me?  

Not sure the answer to all those questions, but as we move, I am going to attempt to acquire less and enjoy what I have more.  (Hey!  There is the MORE and LESS theme again!!)  I have given away and sold lots of our stuff already and I hope this hiatus away from all my loot instills in me the fact that I can get along without having more and more stuff.

What abut you?  How can you lighten up and make it last?  (At the very least, remember to take off your shoes when the doctor weighs you!)

Breathe, smile and go slowly.

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