Thursday, July 25, 2013

Marry Me: Nahkole and Tim {Seattle Wedding Photography}

Got to be part of this amazing even last weekend!!  I flew in from Denver, and couldn't have been more happy with Seattle weather!!  It was a wonderful day!!

Join me, as we tell their story again....

Getting ready.

Nahkole wanted to honor her dad's memory, so she chose to wear his wedding band on a necklace.  

First look.

This was a totally fun wedding party!!  They (of course!) love Nahkole and Tim, but they were also willing to have fun with me too!!!

Oh, boys!!!

The ceremony.

During the ceremony, kiddos had a tough time staying seated, but provided the gathering with a bit of entertainment!!

I love when I get a few more minutes with a bride and groom before the reception...

The reception.

Congratulations, Nahkole and Tim!!  May you have many, many years of happiness!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Red Thread Stretches But Never Breaks {Denver Children's Photography}

It was the trip of a lifetime...not just for me, but for everyone involved.  We shed tears, learned new ways of living, and knew joy like we had never known it before.  We saw mercy kiss justice and lives were changed. 

The myth of the Red Thread danced to life as we met one another and then families met the children they had only once dreamed about.  The "invisible red thread" could be seen in the hugs, kisses, hand holding and baby wearing.  That thread had been stretched thin and perhaps tangled at times, but it never broke....and it never does.

Five years ago this was my experience as I traveled to China with a family as they adopted a little girl.  I got to photograph the process, the country and all the other families who traveled with us too.
Among about a dozen, three little girls were adopted on that trip - C, A, and J.  Whether they had known each other before that day, I do not know but, they met in a conference room in a hotel in central China and it was there their lives changed forever! That invisible web of red thread connection traversed the room, and.....

....Five years later, that thread has shown its ability to stretch, but also to bring these little girls together again!  (And I got to be there to capture some of it!!)

As they came skipping down the sidewalk toward me, you would have thought they had been friends all their lives.....

Of course, a few more people needed to join in on the fun too.  Notice that one lucky little guy in the midst of all those ladies!!

{And the minute they started making funny faces...he gave me the best smile!!}

Oh yeah...and then there are those big people who know all about the Red Thread connection too!!

These are special families because they have chosen courage in the midst of uncertainty and have provided homes for kiddos who might not have had one.  They held on to the Red Thread to bring home a handful of Red Thread kids...

And to that we say...

...we are forever grateful!