Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Circle of Family {California Wedding Photography}

I received a beautiful invitation to photograph a friend's wedding.  Even in the midst of the move and everything (I had 7 days in Denver before I had to turn around and fly to California!!), I jumped at the chance to be there!  It was such a celebration of lifetime friendships, the circle of family and deep, deep love!!

Both Bride and Groom are older.  Though always desiring to be married, the Bride has a beautiful little girl adopted from China a handful of years ago.  As that little girl declared, "Our family is kind of awkward."  But the three of them have come together - embracing Hope and dancing in the crazy, spinning dance of family!

Of course, a wedding is a serious event, so you should always start with the beautiful dress and shoes...

...and follow up with all the fun and laughter of a mother and daughter!!

Getting ready....

It is much better to ask your niece with fabulous eyelashes to help with your eyelashes than to ask your crazy photographer friend who knows NOTHING about them at all!

This gorgeous bride is not just beautiful outside, but so radiant with joy and love from the inside too!!

A little dancing is good to get ready for the ceremony!

Like mother....

....like daughter.  (I think they both have a little inner Diva in them!)

The handsome and big hearted groom...

Bride and Groom decided not to see each other before the ceremony.  Here are the first few moments of that first seeing each other.

The ceremony was full of friends - some helped set up, others shared passages of Scripture, but all smiled and celebrated.  Some even swooned as the Groom declared about his bride, "If God made anything more beautiful than L, He kept it to Himself."

Mr and Mrs...at last!!

The reception was hosted at a close friend's AMAZING home with even more amazing hospitality!

Foregoing the traditional bouquet and garter toss, friends and family lavished the couple with words of blessing and encouragement.

(Just to prove I was there!!)

L, B and J...I wish you many, many years of twirling round and round in the circle of family!!


Anonymous said...

Those are some amazing pictures.... wow! Makes you want to smile. Feeling the love and excitement of that day from the photos :)
Dave and Michelle Alton

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures Bryan. I'd often wondered how you were doing through the years. You seem to have done well for yourself. I wish you happiness and long life :)