Thursday, September 26, 2013

She Wants to See the World! {Littleton Baby Photographer}

I got to welcome her on her first day at the hospital.  And a couple of days ago, got to be the official photographer of her first photo session!!  Her mama and I worked together at a church a long time ago, and if I know anything, it is that her mom wanted to see the world and was always up for an adventure.

This little bundle must take after her mama.  She was alert, wide-eyed and not wanting to miss a thing.  Look out comes little Miss C!!

She love, love, loves her daddy!!

On one of her adventures, mom bought this little dress in Mexico and gave it to her sister when her niece was born.  The dress was returned a few days ago, as it was ready to welcome another little girl onto this globe.

Already a Broncos fan!!

Little girl, may you always live in wide-eyed wonder and see all the beauty of the world around you!!