Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Behold {Unspoken Truth Spoken Everywhere}

There is a word that we do not use often in our modern language.  We tend to prefer words like scan, glance, glimpse, eyeball or stare, look, gawk, and focus.  These are words we use as we "see" situations and people around us...and the words we use are very telling of our hearts.  But there is a word that invites us into a different "see" differently. 

That word is "behold".

Behold challenges us to leave the fast pace and quickly scanning eyes to slow down to drink in what is in front of us.  Behold encourages us to drop our preconceived notions and quick judgments to trade those in for spaciousness and wonder.  Behold allows what is in front of us to reveal itself in deeper, more beautiful ways.  Behold sees unspoken truth spoken everywhere.

I am challenged by this word Behold.  What would change in my world if I beheld my husband and children...not just looked at them and did whatever task came to mind?  What beauty would I behold (in the world and people) if I stopped scanning and skimming?  What would I behold if I chose a posture of openness and receiving rather than being stuck in what I think I know and then grasping after what I want?  How much is there to behold that I am missing?

May we all today stop for a few moments and practice beholding.  May our vision become softer as we make room to take in the whole of what we are seeing.  May we be changed by beholding and may the gift of beholding bring change to what we find ourselves looking at.

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