Monday, October 21, 2013

Family Fun!! {Denver Family Photographer}

I always love how the idea of the Red Thread proves to be true over and over!  I connected with this family through another family from Federal Way, WA.  It is a small world....and connections make it all the richer!!

What you don't see here, but should know is that in order to get to this location, Dad had to take his shoes and socks off and carry everyone across a little stream!  Let's just say the water was pretty cold AND he is my superhero of the day!! 

This old tree was fabulous!!  First we had to walk in front of it...then climb it, of course!!

Instead of choosing to go back through the cold water...they chose the long way around!!

{I do believe this is called a "photo bomb"!!  I put it in because it is so, well...the life of a family!!}

Nana joined us for the session, so of course we had to get her in some of the pictures!

A little fishing...and a little "cheese"!

Ahhh...sibling love!!  Don't squash the little one!!

Thanks F Family!!  I had such a great time with you all!!  So glad the Red Thread connects us!!


Debe McDowell said...

Tara . . . you are just so darn good!!! Love the backdrop and this family.

Anonymous said...

Tara you are amazing! Thank you for capturing my family in such a beautiful way. We will refer you to all our friends and anyone hat will listen! You will not have any trouble getting business in Denver.

Love, Love, Love.
The Flower Family

jjbug said...

These are absolutely beautiful! What a gift you have with people and photography!

Tara Malouf said...

Thanks so much!! These guys really were fun to photograph...and were willing to play with me!!!