Monday, October 14, 2013

Marry Me: Stacy and Pat {Denver Wedding Seattle}

I got to attend another amazing wedding while I was in the Seattle area.  I had photographed the bride's brother's wedding last year, so I felt like I was celebrating with friends!!  The bride, Stacy, worked on the details of the wedding for over a year, and they were fabulous!  She grew pumpkins, succulents, and bought old chandeliers off Craigslist and then gave them new life!  Most of all, family and friends came around this couple, offered their help, and I couldn't help up FEEL the love they gave to one another!

The Kelley Farm was a gorgeous backdrop to this a-little-bit-vintage wedding.

These may be the most unique bouquets I have ever photographed.  They had succulents in them, as well as a few other very beautiful flowers I didn't recognize.

Stacy was a stunning bride!!!

Of course, Pat was an equally handsome groom.

First Look....

Another "first look"...Stacy's dad was working hard around the venue and hadn't seen her yet.  This is what happened when he did.

A couple of special items brought tears to the eyes of all who watched.  A special penny (in the shoe) from a grandfather who had passed away, and the bracelet of the maid of honor's mom, who had also passed away. Seems to me that with these two items, there were at least two extra guests at the wedding, and they sure added to the family love of the day.

I LOVE meeting the people my brides and grooms choose to surround themselves with on their wedding day!  It always tells me a bit more about the special couple. In this case I learned about their silliness, long term, loyal relationships, and family ties!

Stacy's dad is an avid biker, but don't worry, he didn't ride the one you see in the picture!!  We just thought it might be good to have some pictures with him NOT in a work shirt!!!

Details, details...bagpipes, burlap bows and pumpkins, choice foliage, and a arch that Stacy made, all added to the uniqueness of the day.

The ceremony...

It had rained most of the week in the Seattle area and I was a little worried leading up to the weekend, but it was a glorious day.  Lots of sun and we got to enjoy cocktail hour on the patio at the farm.

Inside the reception area, details were abundant also.  Stacy grew all the succulents, bought all the silver pieces, and grew pumpkins. Pat and his dad cut all the cross sections of the trees for the centerpieces.  (And, thanks to Stacy's mom, I took one of those cross sections home...shoved it in my suitcase!!)  It was absolutely stunning!!

The venue...

Pat and Stacy are avid soccer, in order to get in line for the buffet, one member from each table had to score a goal!!  Pat was was the next little guy, but some people had a bit more trouble.

Stacy's dad made me cry as he gave his toast.  He talked about holding his little girl's hand, how much he loved her, and how now there was someone new to hold that hand.  

I love it when a bride and groom break with tradition.  Since neither of them love cake, Stacy and Pat opted for the MOST AMAZING dessert bar ever!!  A friend of Stacy's has just started her own business called Crafted Eats.  If you are in the Seattle area, I recommend you contact them at once!!  Hands down, THE BEST desserts I've ever had!! 

Thank you, Stacy and Pat!!  It was an honor to photograph your wedding and to get to be part of your "family" once again!!  I wish you all the best into the future!!

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