Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quite the Charmer {Denver Children's Photographer...Red Thread Workshops}

Just finished our first Red Thread Images Workshop and it was amazing (more on that tomorrow)!!
We did a couple of practice photo sessions and this little guy was the first to grace our cameras.  I was immediately charmed by him and would have taken him home had his mama not held onto him so tightly!!!

Come that just the sweetest face EVER???

Just learning to walk....

Of course, him mama is incredibly beautiful too!  I've known her for a good many years and she is as beautiful inside as she is outside!!

Thanks B and was awesome to photograph you both!!!

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Debe McDowell said...

I am now even more impressed with you and how you got these shots. I was right in the mix of things trying my hand at it and came away so blessed. You are really the best photographer I have seen and had the privilege to view your works of art in action!