Friday, November 22, 2013

Unique, Same and Beautiful {Unspoken Truth Spoken Everywhere}

We've all been taught that every snowflake is unique, right?  While that may not be totally true...and it is completely untestable...I do think there are some things snowflakes can teach us:

{picture below IS real, and was taken yesterday on my front porch!}

Every snowflake starts off life the same way - as water droplets.  How those water droplets freeze is highly influenced by temperature, humidity and wind...thus creating what seems to be an infinite number of pattern possibilities.  Within those pattern possibilities there remains a striking similarity though.  Each snowflake always has 6 sides.  The scientific reason for this is because of their beginnings.  Each water molecule, because of its structure, lines up in a hexagon.  Thus, when it freezes, it maintains the properties of its origins.

I think there is a deep desire in the human story to be unique.  Each of us has a different path we are called to follow, different "temperatures" in which we were raised, and different geographies in which we have lived.  All those factors (and many more!) do create unique human beings.  However, I think we sometimes forget our "sameness" - our shared attributes with one another.  Perhaps it scares us to remember our resemblance.  It forces us to not think so highly of ourselves and to look on our brothers and sisters with compassion.  (And we might find we have something in common with our enemies!)

What I am struck with in the snowflake though is the BEAUTY of the complex combination of both sameness and uniqueness.  Yes...they are all the same.  Yes...they are all different.  Yes... they will all melt and go away eventually.  But each one is beautiful and adds to the beauty of the WHOLE!  One single snowflake goes unnoticed.  Together they make a beautiful blanket (and a playground for lots of fun!)

Isn't that true of people too?


Debe McDowell said...

Did you take that with a 50MM? If not, what did you use? I love this so much that if we get snow I want to try and capture a picture.

Tara Malouf said...

Debe, this picture was taken with my 100mm macro lens. I had to hold VERY still, slow my breathing, anchor my stance, and use manual focus!! Totally worth it though!!