Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo Friday - Valentine Edition (Denver Photographer)

  “He kissed me and now I am someone different”

A world that tells us that commonalities are what bring us (and keep us) together, is a tough world to stay married in. The longer I am married, the more I understand how unsimilar to me this husband of mine is. And the longer I am married, I am not sure I would have it any other way.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning once wrote, “whatever the stuff souls are made of, ours are the same substance.” Not so with my husband and I. We are not made of the same substance; we are quite different from one another. But our souls find completeness in the "strangeness" of the other person.

Our very elemental qualities can be so contrasting at times, that it can cause heat and sparks to fly, but in the reaction, something new is formed. Take sodium & chloride - individually, they are toxic, dangerous elements but together they become salt to the world. We are like that. I need him, he needs me. I have a mystic bent; his is much more the realist. He wants labels, categories, governing dynamics; I thrive within inexplicable events. He is the voice of reason and logic; I am the voice of imagination and emotion. He would live with white walls, and I would paint each a different color (probably at least twice a year!). He is paralyzed by fear, but when fear comes I am ready to pick up my sword and fight. I am paralyzed by being overwhelmed, but in the midst of that he gets calm and becomes an anchor embedded in rock, not tossed by the turbulent seas of emotion.

And so, the realist kisses the mystic and imagination embraces logic...and both are fundamentally changed as they cling to one another. No, my husband is not my soulmate - for that would be far too easy. It could not solidify our love nor provide the practice field for increasing strength, endurance, and honing the skills given by the Creator. No, he is not my soulmate...he is my completer.

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