Sunday, April 27, 2014

All in the Family {Littleton Family Photographer}

Sometimes, when the family comes to just have to get pictures!!  We do it to document the connections between us, the love we share, and to remember our times together.
One side of the N Family was in town for spring break...

{This little guy is simply thrilled to have two sisters!!!}

THEN....some more people showed up from the other side of the family...

....until, there were so many of them, truth be told, some of those people may have just been walking by and gotten in the picture!!  (OK...just kidding!!)

{The deal with the kids was this:  if they could give us some good "look at the camera" pictures, they could go play at the nearby park.  Of course, THAT is where the real pictures of kiddos happen!!}

Thanks N Family for letting me come play with you all for a little bit!!  I hope your time together is priceless!!!

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