Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Love in Full Bloom {Denver Wedding Photographer in Arizona}

This is a little different as far as wedding photography goes....
these two got married in a very small, intimate ceremony back in February, but did a reception-celebration this last weekend in Phoenix.  The beautiful bride is my husband's cousin (though I'd totally claim her as my own!) and I couldn't have been more thrilled to be asked to come photograph this event!

Before we got to the reception, however, I wanted to do a special session with just A and D.  Of course, to some of you this will just look like a typical engagement session, but for me it was an incredible opportunity to witness love in full bloom.  

I have known that sweet bride since she was in high school (or was it junior high??) and have watched life unfold around her since then.  It has not always been kind and has knocked her off her feet sometimes, but I've watched her incredible resiliency as she always got back up.  And here, with her, this last weekend, I saw a man who adores her and tenderly cares for her.  I got to witness the joy of the two of them TOGETHER!!  

(There is so much I could say about each picture, but I'll just let you enjoy them....)

These two are adventurers...headed to Europe for their honeymoon!  My hope for them is that they get to visit every place on those maps!!!

A & D...I wish you many adventures together!  It was a great privilege to be with you and get to photograph your love for each other!!

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Unknown said...

Tara your loving, giving, joyful spirit added to this wonderful time for everyone involved. You captured these two beautifully. They had such a fun time celebrating their relationship with you through pictures. You were such a gift to all of us! Thank you?