Friday, April 11, 2014

One!!! {Parker Baby Photographer}

This handsome guy turned one the other day and his mama invited me over to snap and share a few one year old moments!!!  I love it when I get to play with littles!!!

Capturing the life of a one year old means we start at home....

He has just discovered the stairs.  Once he is on them, there is no looking back!!

One year old parts.  One year old toes, lips and the sweetest curl on the very back of his head!!

Of course, no one year old session would be complete without a trip to the park....

Love that tongue!!!

....and a wrestle with mom!

Back at home, mom opened the pantry and let this little guy explore!!

Oh Mr. L....may you always look in wonder at the world around you.  May you always have such a quick smile and great laugh.  And may you always wrestle with your mom and let her kiss your awesome cheeks!!!

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