Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Little Sister {Denver Photographer in Seattle}

More of the Seattle adventures....

I have photographed this family so, so many times, I've lost count.  I was thrilled when they booked a session with me when I was in the Pacific Northwest!!  Not only because I got to see them, but I also got to meet the newest member of their family!!  

All I know is that this little girl is VERY loved!!!!

It always takes the oldest child in this family a little while to warm up, but as soon as I offer to head to mom and dad's bed, he is always in good spirits....because he knows that when I'm there, he gets to jump on the bed!!  (Sorry mom for teaching bad habits!!  But it makes good pictures!!)

They all have their grandpa's (and mom's) blue, blue eyes!!

I have photographed both other kiddos in a bath or sink, so we decided to do it with this pumpkin too!  She is named after her great-grandmother (I believe) and we added some of her namesake's roses to the water too!

When it comes time for me to leave, I never want to....I just want to stay and play!  Thanks H Family once again for an incredible time with you all!!

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