Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy First!! {Denver Photographer in Seattle}

I headed to Seattle last week to do some work last week and am I glad I did!!  I got to hang out with a few friends and then some clients with whom I've watched their families and kids grow!!  What a privilege to get to document all of it!!

Here was the first little cupcake to grace my camera....Miss B.  
{I have known her family for a while....since I've photographed her parents' wedding, maternity pics, newborns, her brother's one year pictures, and now hers!!}

She adores her big brother, who, of course wanted to get in some pictures too!

And she is a true Pacific Northwest girl....totally loves being outside!!

Yes...this was Miss B's turn to shine in front of the camera, but how could I not grab a few shots of that big brother of hers??  In fact, during the session, mom opened one of the suitcases (see above) and found her collection of Pez dispensers.  Turns out her kids like them too!!!

And what one year session is complete without a birthday cake??  

Happy birthday little one!!  And thanks to her mom for letting me come once again to hang out and photograph her family!!!

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