Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Class of 2015: Lexi {Highlands Ranch Senior Photographer}

This talented girl met me for an afternoon (into the evening) of adventure all over the Denver area!!  
I liked her right away...how many other girls do you know who start their senior session with their chickens??

We headed downtown for some time at "Your Keys to the City" pianos that come out each summer.  Unfortunately, when we got downtown, we found them all covered up because of the rain we had earlier that day....so Lexi decided she could be fabulous all by herself!

We found ONE piano that was uncovered!!  I walked over to the guy playing it and asked if we could take a few pictures of Lexi playing.  Now...I knew she played the piano, but she sat down and PLAYED the piano!!!  There was magic between her fingers and the keys!!  (She even drew a crowd after a few minutes!!)

Truly this girl is just plain fun!!!

Did I mention she loves baseball too?  Of course, we had to head to the ball field for a few minutes!!

And she stayed with me even into the early dusky hours...sunset didn't diminish her beauty!!

Lexi...I would go with you an adventure anytime!!  May your senior year be full of awesome adventures!!!

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