Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Life is Art!! {Denver Photographer in Seattle}

I don't know how many times I've photographed this family, but every time I am with them, I love them more and more!!  In their house they have so many pictures of our times together, making art out of the story of their lives.  This time proved no different...times together as a family are beautiful works of art (and I'm just glad I can be there to capture some of it!!!)

Two sets - the bigs and the littles - make for lots of boys in this household. 
I arrived thinking the session was about the littlest one, and it turned out to be about fun, family and a few diaper changes!!

Nothing better than holding the newest member of the family!!

This little hat belonged to dad and was worn by the big brother on the left.  He was fascinated with it and wanted his baby brother to know it.

(All of which tired baby brother out!!)

We headed to a park for a little more fun....

Thanks V Family!!  As always, it was an honor to be with all of you!!

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