Thursday, October 9, 2014

That Golden Hour {Littleton Family Photographer}

Photographers love the "golden hour".  That time right before sunset when the light is warm, enveloping and makes everyone look great!  Truly, I love that too!  But even more than the "golden hour" with sunlight, I love the "golden hour" of spending time with a family as they interact, laugh and play with each other!  So it was with these guys....

This little pumpkin had so much personality!!  Here are a few of the many faces of Miss K....

And this guy is just so cool!!

( is just so beautiful, I had to put in a picture of her!)

At the end of the session, I had totally forgotten to photograph these two together.  They gave me a few smiles, but then a little sibling irritation sneaked in...

I won't tell you how mom stopped the sibling squabbles, but this was the reaction!!!

Thanks A Family!!!  It was fun to play with you and capture your golden hour!!!

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