Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Bunny and the Chick {Denver Baby Photographer}

I am smitten with these two!!  They are mono-mono twins, mama had to spend a handful of weeks in the hospital, the girls were born 6 weeks early, and they just finally got off oxygen!  I was at their house for a visit and just happened to have my of course, we had to get in a few pictures!!

With their beautiful mama....

A little yin and yang???

Of course, then we had to do get a little cutesy!  One has a little chick hat and the other a little bunny makes them doubly cute!!

One of these girls may be more of a party animal than the other.  Miss C just can't stay asleep when there are people to play with!!

Watch out world!!  Two beautiful, amazing, and feisty little girls are here!
(And I'm so glad I get to snuggle with them!!)

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