Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little Ones: Brevan {Denver Baby Photographer}

Every little one comes into this world a story waiting to be told.  But there are others who have gone before them....great men and women on whose shoulders they stand.  So it is with this little guy.  Grandpa was in the army, dad is a firefighter, which means this little boy is a hero in the making!!  He is already so loved by mom and dad...and is a curiosity to the dog!!

{Mom and Dad didn't reveal his name until he was born, so Grandma decided to call him Henry.  This first picture is for her!!}

{I just loved that little tuft of blonde, blonde hair!!}

Congratulations, S Family!!  Your little boy is just amazing!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Marry Me: Kim and Kurt {Denver Wedding Photographer}

The weather that day was a little iffy.  It snowed the night before, making the landscape beautiful, but all the humans unsure as to where the ceremony should take place.  The next day, the sun came out, warmed us all and was welcome at a ceremony creekside.  The bride and groom were stunning and all their kids joined them as bridesmaids and groomsmen.  Good friends came from all over.  A college roommate (now a chaplain in the army)  flew in from Texas to officiate the wedding.   Everyone cleaned up really well!!  And a celebration happened as two people committed their lives to each other in front of family, friends and God.  Congratulations, Kim and Kurt!  I was honored to be there!

{I have to say this is the first "chest bump" I've ever seen a bride and groom do!!}

Kurt and Kim...I hope your life is filled with lots of laughter, time with family, great music, and lots of fishing!!