Thursday, June 11, 2015

Marry Me: Lexie and Chris {Denver Wedding Seattle}

When the sun shines in Seattle, there is no place quite like it.  Trees, flowers and even people open up to let all that blue-sky goodness in.  When the sun comes out in Seattle, it calls for a celebration...and so it makes the perfect day for a wedding!  Lexie and Chris' day was not only sun-filled, but full of family, friends, and fun!  They got a little adventurous (heading to downtown Seattle on a sunny, busy, summer weekend!), a little traditional (married in a beautiful church), and a lot surrounded by the love of those who came to celebrate with them!!  (And did I mention that with sun in Seattle comes a beautiful sunset in Seattle??)

Congratulations, Lexie and Chris!  Thanks for inviting me to your big day!  May all your days be filled with love and celebration (and sunshine)!!

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