Friday, June 12, 2015

One Big Family...Yours, Mine, Ours, Theirs {Denver Family Seattle}

I had the privilege of photographing this large family the other day when I was in the Seattle area.  Like so many families, there are connections of all different set of kids here, another here....but I love that they all came together to get some pictures taken (and eat some AWESOME ribs...which is not pictured, because you don't want to touch a camera with sauce all over your hands!)  They were loud, and fun, and playful, and full of love for one another!!

Ah...siblings!  Some things never change.  I wonder if mom has a picture similar to the top one when they were all young?!?!

Seriously??  Just look at that smile!!

I'd say she's outnumbered!!

Love these three above!!  We spent quite a few hours at volleyball tournaments together a few years back!

Technically, they only have one daughter, but they've added a couple more to the clan.  (I believe the question being asked is, "who in this bunch gets in the most trouble?")

A four generation picture.

Not only was it a good time for family pictures, but there were some graduates in our midst!  

(Awesomeness is their super power!!)

There are a ton more pictures, but I'll end with this one, because if you live in the Seattle area, you totally feel like the Seahawks are TOTALLY a part of your family!!

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