Thursday, July 16, 2015

Families Who Play: The H Family {Denver Family Photographer}

In our world today, families come in all shapes and sizes and where they get their connections and origins may not be "traditional" but they sure are beautiful!  Plus, while biology may tell us our, commitment, and playfulness move us into the future together.  This sweet family is anything but "traditional" but their love for each other is BIG!  Here's the family tree...A single mama (the super hero of the bunch!) with her teenage son. She has chosen to step in and parent a little one who found himself without a mama who could take care of him. And she is an amazing aunt to her teenage niece (you know the aunt that the teenager listens to when they don't listen to parents!?!?)  We had a blast all together the other day!  Check it out....

Thanks for letting me play with you, H Family!!  It was an honor!!

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