Sunday, August 9, 2015

Marry Me: Molly and Russ {Denver Wedding Seattle}

These two are super heroes in my book...both of them are teachers.  Like the very best superheroes, they are unassuming, but full of grace.  They don't draw attention to themselves, but it's obvious by the laughter and joy of the day that they've invested themselves in relationship with others.  And it's obvious by their interactions with one another that they are deeply, deeply in love (and friends too!)  So when superheroes get married to each other, it's always a privilege to be the photographer invited to capture it!!

{Special thanks to my awesome second shooter!!  You can check out her work here!}

Congratulations, Molly and Russ!  May you have a lifetime of love and happiness!!  And always may #lovebairsall!!!

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