Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Families Who Play: The S Family {Denver Family Photographer....in Seattle}

This was the last family I got to photograph during my time in Seattle.  They live in the city and so of course, we wanted to use it as a backdrop!  A family session with a little 2 year old is always full of energy, laughter and lots of play...including riding an awesome bike AND ending with some peanut butter and jelly straight from the jars!!

Thanks S Family!!  I had such a great time with you!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Families Who Play: The W Family {Denver Family Photographer...in Seattle}

Once again, an awesome family graced my camera while I was in the Seattle area last week!!  They played, danced, made silly faces, jumped,  had a little bit of a feisty attitude and loved on one another so well!!  

Thanks W Family!  You are all so AWESOME!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Families Who Play: The C Family {Denver Family Photographer....in Seattle}

I fully believe the best family moments are those filled with lots of play and laughter....I spent a couple hours with this amazing, energetic crew the other day!  They are a family full of love, faith, and lots of "boy-ness"!!  AND they gave me many perfect, true family moments!!

I present this first picture to prove that I can actually take a traditional family picture!!

Ahh...boys!  They love to climb!!

I believe the question was "who is most likely to get in trouble in this clan?"

And thus....the proof.

I believe that I began to lose a little control at this point....

....yup, I was no longer in charge!  (And I think it made for the best pictures!!)

Thanks C Family!  I loved being with you!  I loved your laughter, all the boy-ness, your stories of service, your faith, and most of all your incredibly fun energy!!