Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Mama Love: The F Family

Maybe it's because my "baby" girl is going to be going to college {way far away} in the fall...but capturing moments of childhood WITH mamas is one of my favorite sessions to do!  There is nothing like "mama-love" and when it gets captured in images, it creates beautiful art for a lifetime!  The kisses, the hand holding, the snuggling, the sweet gestures are all tiny little moments that adorn the timeline of motherhood.  AND they are moments every mom, when sending her kiddo to college, wants to remember!

{I have a strong affinity for the picture below...both of my kids were thumb suckers and I now wish I had a great picture of them sucking their thumbs!}

Let's not forget how toddlers can change moods faster than anything...

Thanks F Family!  It was an absolute privilege to photograph your love for each other!!

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