Saturday, June 4, 2016

Kiss Me: Ben and Kelly

Oh my goodness...It's been so long since I've written on the blog! In a world filled with Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and others I probably don't even know about, maybe a blog is still a nice thing, because you can get a little story behind the pictures. What do you think?

I can think of no better way to shake the gathered dust off this blog than to show a few more pictures of Kelly and Ben. We hung out the other day as we toured the gorgeous venue for their wedding and I just happened to bring my camera along as well. The last session we did (Engagement) was SO cold, I figured we could at least get a few warm weather images before the wedding day!

Yes...I promise the rainbow is real! I think it's a sign of good things to come on the wedding day!  I can't wait!!

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