Monday, July 18, 2016

Marry Me: Katie and Taylor {Denver Wedding Photographer in Seattle}

This is a special couple. Well...all of my brides and grooms are special, but these guys have an extra special story. They contacted me a while ago about photographing their wedding last September (which I was thrilled to say yes to!), but soon after that communication kind of got lost. When the bride and I finally spoke, she was so apologetic but the wedding was called off. The groom had been diagnosed with cancer in his foot, they would need to get married right away and start cancer treatments. Well...almost a year, an amputation (of a foot), and a lot of challenging days later, these two finally got the wedding celebration they wanted! Surrounded by family and friends, they partied well at the Seattle Aquarium....and even had a little surprise for their guest!!

It has been cloudy all day and when these two prayed and restated their vows to each other, the skies opened....almost like God wanted a front row seat (and He wanted to show off in the process!)!!

Want to know their surprise? There is a little one on the way!!!

What a glorious day and celebration!! Thanks Katie and Taylor for letting us be part of this day! It was truly an honor!!

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noblelily said...

On behalf of very grateful parents of the groom, we appreciate the fact that this glorious day happened and that it was captured so beautifully by Redthread Images. Can't wait to litter our house with them! We know our daughter-in-law is beautiful but! What wonderful memories! Thank you so very much!