Friday, January 6, 2017

Marry Me: Angela and Leo {Denver Photographer in Seattle}

On New Year's Eve I attended an amazing event! Angela and Leo got married!!  These two are teachers from halfway around the world. They grew up in the US, met in the Philippines, and got married in the Seattle area (and have headed back the Philippines). Family and friends from all over flew in for the celebration. And then the weather...oh, the cooperated! You might not think that, but these two wanted snow on their wedding day...and boy did it show up a lot, at times!! The day was marked by love, family, laughter, friends, music, and most of all, deep, deep faith!  I wish I could show you every one of the (500+) images I took, but these will have to tell a bit of the story for now.

Thank you, Angela and Leo. It was an honor to be at your wedding! I wish you all the best in life!!

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Unknown said...

Wow! What a wonderful day. It looked like so much fun. Praying for the new ministry of Angela and Leo.